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  • bread

    Green Onion Bread

    One of the ten indispensable civilian breakfast. It has its irreplaceable place.

    It is said that green onion bread came from Persia. Its biggest advantage is that it is simple and delicious. It is told that way back in the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong and his army once were hungry and tired after a brutal battle. The village people that they rested at made the green onion bread for them as their army rations.

    With different fillings in the middle, the green onion bread could turn into snacks with a variety of flavors. Empress Cixi of the Qing Dynasty once had a dream that she ate a delicious bread with minced meat fillings. The next day, she was served this dish at her meal. She was pleased and asked who made it, and then she found out the bread was made by a chef named Yongshou. The empress was even more pleased because "Yongshou" means long live. She rewarded the chef with money and an official title right away.

    The green onion bread can be served on a royal banquet, and it can also go to the battles with the soldiers. It has been passed on for thousands of years, and this is Green Onion Bread.

    The green onion bread at GP Bakery is soft inside and crispy outside. Have it with a fried fritter in the middle or some stewed beef with parsley, and a glass of soy milk, this makes the perfect healthy delicious breakfast; or you can also have it with some soup or porridge, then it becomes the best choice for students and office workers.

  • pancake

    Green Onion Pancakes

    The green onion pancake is derived easily and simple to make. It has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most common food. It has already became a part of Chinese culinary culture. Therefore, it is named "The World Number One Pancake".

    Although the green onion pancake is easy to make, it is very hard to make it taste excellent. GP Bakery's green onion pancakes are made with featured ingredients using a recipe that was originated from the loyal baker of Qing Dynasty. The pancakes are crispy and chewy. They are layered by layers with the green onion flavor. Once you start eating, you just can not stop.

    "GP Bakery's green onion pancakes might not be the cheapest, but they are the best." commented by one of our customers online.

  • turnover

    Chives Turnover

    Chives, also known as Leeks, Chinese folk tales believe that Chives has an aphrodisiac effect. It has a distinct scent. The people who likes it can not live without it.

    Chives turnovers, was recorded in one of the most authoritative recipe books from the Qing Dynasty. Being party of that recipe book alone tells how delicious the chives turnover is. Its fillings include chives, eggs, bean thread, etc. The chives we use everyday comes from a certain farm. They are always fresh and tasty. Every single one of our chives turnover is made to be bigger in size but less in oil. The crust is thin but chewy with a beautiful golden color. Therefore, the chives turnover is another very popular pick on our menus.