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The Green Onion Pancake is a traditional Chinese delicacy. Also known as a Scallion Pancake, the Green Onion Pancake is a savory, non-leavened flatbread folded with oil and minced green onions. The Chinese enjoy Green Onion Pancakes with meals throughout the day from breakfast to dinner. Eaten as a main course in the morning, with lunch or as an appetizer before dinner, the Green Onion Pancake is always a delicious compliment to any meal.

GP Bakery's traditional handmade pancakes have been sold in Los Angeles since 1997. Based on a family recipe originating from the royal baker of the Qing Dynasty, our Green Onion Pancakes maintain a soft, light texture even after reheating. There is a vast difference in the quality of our products in comparison to our competitors, who use machines to produce their pancakes. We have developed a popular following within the Chinese communities and beyond.

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